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Dow combines one of the broadest technology sets in the industry with asset integration, focused innovation and global scale to achieve profitable growth and become the most innovative, customer centric, inclusive and sustainable materials science company. DOW portfolio of performance materials, industrial intermediates and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of differentiated science-based products and solutions for its customers in high-growth segments, such as packaging, infrastructure and consumer care. DOW operate 113 manufacturing sites in 31 countries and employs approximately 37,000 people.


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Small Project ManagerTerneuzen (NLD)

Associate Analytical Technician   Kendallville (IN, USA)

Administrative Assistant    Tlaxcala (MEX)

Mechanical Engineer    Hahnville (LA, USA)

Process Operator   Texas City (TX, USA)

Mechanical HVAC Engineer   Midland (MI, USA)

Piping Designer   Midland (MI, USA)

Mechanical Engineer   Midland (MI, USA)

Cyber Delivery Specialist   Map Ta Phut (THA)

Project Engineering Manager   Map Ta Phut (THA)

Junior Operator    Min-Hsiung (TWN)

Maintenance Activity Coordinator (f/m)   Erstein (FRA)

Assistent der Geschäftsleitung (m/w/d)   Ahlen (DEU)

Chemie-Laborant (m/w/d)   Wiesbaden (DEU)

Quality Subject Matter Expert   Houston (TX, USA)

Senior Process Automation Engineer   Bahia Blanca (ARG)

Process Automation Control Systems Developer  Midland (MI, USA)

Process Automation ABB Applications Team Developer  Midland (MI, USA)

Process Automation Specialist: Alarm Event Excellence System Support & Implementation   Midland (MI, USA)

Senior Scheduling Specialist   Seadrift (TX, USA)

Senior Scheduling Specialist   Freeport (TX, USA)

Senior Cost Management Specialist   Freeport (TX, USA)

Maintenance Planner    Hahnville (LA, USA)

Alternating Term Engineering Co-op – Environmental Tech Center   Midland (MI, USA)

Mechanical Integrity Inspector    Texas City (TX, USA)

High Voltage Electrician   Seadrift (TX, USA)

Project Engineer (m/f/d)    Boehlen (DEU)

Manufacturing Execution Systems Platform Specialist Freeport (TX, USA)

Turnaround Scheduler (m/f/d)  Schkopau (DEU)

Cost Estimator – Project Controls Engineer   Tarragona (ESP)

Project Scheduling Manager (m/f/d)   Stade (DEU)

Production Technician

Mechanical Maintenance Planner Freeport (TX, USA)

Maintenance Field Planner  Terneuzen (NLD)

Senior Turnaround Coordinator (m/f/d)  Boehlen (DEU)

Construction Scheduling – Subject Matter Expert   Houston (TX, USA)

Project Engineer   Carrollton (KY, USA)

Process Engineer   Carrollton (KY, USA)

Turnaround Manager  Deer Park (TX, USA)

Instrument Technologist Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Process Operator   Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Senior Work Activity Coordinator

Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Process Technician  La Porte (TX, USA)

Mechanical/Process Containment Equipment (PCE) Engineer Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Electrical Engineer  Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Piping Technologist Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Civil Engineer

Benchmarking Analyst  Houston (TX, USA)

Senior Project Engineer Manager Houston (TX, USA)

JPN Operator – Represented/Tariff Ichihara (JPN)

JPN Operator – Represented/Tariff Ichihara (JPN)

Maintenance Technician – Electrician Hahnville (LA, USA)

Plant Apprentice   Taloja (IND)

Electrical Technologist  Hahnville (LA, USA)

Improvement Engineer  Parona (ITA)

Senior HR Representative [Fixed-term contract]  Bahia Blanca (ARG)

SCO Olefins Improvement Engineer  Hahnville (LA, USA)

SCO Olefins Improvement Manager  Hahnville (LA, USA)

Senior Process Automation Engineer Hahnville (LA, USA)

Maintenance Mechanic Louisville (KY, USA)

Maintenance Technician-Millwright Toronto (ON, CAN)

Process Engineer  Seadrift (TX, USA)

Reactive Relief Design Subject Matter Expert

Project Engineer   Seadrift (TX, USA)

Shipping Technician   Carrollton (KY, USA)

Construction Manager   Houston (TX, USA)

Maintenance Repair and Operating (MRO) Coordinator   Hahnville (LA, USA)

Construction Manager  Plaquemine (LA, USA)


Hahnville (LA, USA) ⎪ 5/3/2021 ⎪ Professional

Analytical Technician   Freeport (TX, USA)

Millwright Technician

Midland (MI, USA)

Logistics Technician   Auburn (MI, USA)

Senior Reliability Engineer  Chennai (IND)

Senior Mechanical Integrity Engineer Chennai (IND)

Senior Process Automation Engineer  Terneuzen (NLD)

Analytical Technician   Deer Park (TX, USA)

Operating Technician  Ringwood (IL, USA)

Operator    La Porte (TX, USA)

Maintenance Planner

Maintenance / Clean Room Technician Victoria (TX, USA)

Reliability Manager   Terneuzen (NLD)

Anlagenfahrer / Operator (m/w/d)  Stade (DEU)

Senior Production Engineer  Hahnville (LA, USA)

Maintenance Technician  Meishan (CHN)

Turnaround Lead Scheduler  Terneuzen (NLD)

Process Operator  Beaumont (TX, USA)

Corrosion Control Specialist  Plaquemine (LA, USA)

New Campus Graduate – Production Engineer   Barry (GBR)

Tecnólogo Eléctrico   Tarragona (ESP)

Tecnólogo de Rotativo  Tarragona (ESP)

Turnaround Coordinator/Planner Seadrift (TX, USA)

Senior Process Automation Engineer (m/f/d)  Boehlen (DEU)

Production Engineer   Min-Hsiung (TWN)

Production Engineer    Meishan (CHN)

Junior operator

Ausbildung 2021: Elektroniker für Automatisierungtechnik (m/w/d)  Schkopau (DEU)

Senior Electrical Technologist  Houston (TX, USA)

Cost Manager    Houston (TX, USA)

Process Automation Manager  Freeport (TX, USA)

Senior Production Engineer  Barry (GBR)

Produktions-Ingenieur / Production Engineer (m/w/d)  Ahlen (DEU)

Mechanical Technologist Lead   Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Senior Work Activity Coordinator  Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Summer Temp Ops/Log/Lab Summer  Landskrona (SWE)

Internship – Industrial/Electrical/Electronics and automation   Tarragona (ESP)

BEL Lab Specialist – Represented/Tariff Seneffe (BEL)

Opérateur/trice filtration – Emballage   Lauterbourg (FRA)

Electrician   Carrollton (KY, USA)

MRO Coordinator     Midland (MI, USA)

AssociateMaintenance Repair and Operating (MRO) Coordinator  Midland (MI, USA)

Support & Sustain Technologist

Activity Coordinator Shift (m/w/d)  Bomlitz (DEU)

Improvement Manager  Plaquemine (LA, USA)

Junior Operator   Jincheon (KOR)

Junior Operator   Jincheon (KOR)

Maintenance Field planner

Terneuzen (NLD) ⎪ 4/22/2021 ⎪ Professional

Senior Scheduling Specialist  Terneuzen (NLD)

TNZ2030 Manufacturing Representative LHC Terneuzen  Terneuzen (NLD)

Manufacturing & Enginieering IT/OT Business Process Specialist  Terneuzen (NLD)

Senior Production Engineer  Orange (TX, USA)

Senior Process Automation Engineer  Chennai (IND)

Plant Activity Coordinator/Gatekeeper Geelong (AUS)

Operator (m/w/d)   Ahlen (DEU)

Opérateur/Opératrice   Lauterbourg (FRA)

Analytical Technician   Carrollton (KY, USA)

Apprenti – Technicien Analytique  Lauterbourg (FRA)

Maintenance and Reliability Engineer / Bakım ve Güvenilirlik Mühendisi

JPN Operator – Represented/Tariff  Awara (JPN)

Senior Cost Estimation Specialist  Chennai (IND)

Senior Cost Management Specialist  Chennai (IND)

Associate Analytical Technician  Jincheon (KOR)

TXO Power Distribution Switchman  Freeport (TX, USA)

Process Automation Manager  Freeport (TX, USA)

Senior Process Automation Engineer   Freeport (TX, USA)

W205 Production Operator – Day Role(Non Shift)   Barry (GBR)

Production Engineer   Awara (JPN)

JPN Operator – Represented/Tariff  Awara (JPN)

Junior Operator   Guangzhou (CHN)

Junior Operator   Guangzhou (CHN)

Junior Operator   Guangzhou (CHN)

Improvement Engineer   Tarragona (ESP)

Alternating Term Engineering Co-op – Environmental Tech Center

JPN Operator – Represented/Tariff Ichihara (JPN)

JPN Operator – Represented/Tariff Ichihara (JPN)

Ausbildung 2021: Mechatroniker (m/w/d)  Schkopau (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021: Chemikant (m/w/d)  Schkopau (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021: Chemielaborant (m/w/d)   Schkopau (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021 in Böhlen: Chemikant (m/w/d)   Boehlen (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021 in Böhlen: Chemielaborant (m/w/d)  Boehlen (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021 in Böhlen: Mechatroniker (m/w/d)  Boehlen (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021 in Böhlen: Elektroniker für Betriebstechnik (m/w/d)  Boehlen (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021 in Bomlitz: Chemikant (m/w/d)   Bomlitz (DEU)

Ausbildung 2021 in Bomlitz: Laborant (m/w/d)  Bomlitz (DEU)

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